Another great review of my novel, Light and Transient Causes!

What a nice surprise to get from a dear friend of many years, whose lives and families have taken us in different directions:

“Mel: WOW! I just finished your novel, Light and Transient Causes. I had not been aware that you had written a novel, but caught a reference to it in a LinkedIn e-mail. I read some reviews and ordered it. I could list a million of adjectives (definitely positive ones) in describing this book, as well as the emotions it put me through. . . . Without a doubt, it gave me a lot to think about, especially when listening to the news and what is going on in our country. Anyway, congratulations on the great read! I loved it, . . .

-Carol W.”

Another “5 Star” Review for Light and Transient Causes, by Mel Hawkins

This “5 Star” review was posted on on 10/5/13

This is a superb book. Set in the near future in the USA, or maybe the Disunited States would be more apt, the author shows just how easy it is to turn a civilized tolerant nation into a fascist dictatorship in no time at all. Just two presidencies after Obama, the authorities are rounding up ethnic minorities, and shipping them off to who knows where. Well observed, and not at all far fetched, it’s only too easy to imagine this happening. The central characters are very well written and the dialogue flows smoothly. You actually want to know what happens next. Mel Hawkins has done a splendid job in juggling all the twists, turns and complications of this very believable novel. I think that this is his first work of fiction (Amazon don’t have any others) but what a start! Books like this don’t come along very often so if you’ve read this far in the reviews, you can stop now and just buy it. You won’t be disappointed.